Fillmore Child Endangerment Arrests


On Monday, February 29, 202016 at 1:50 p.m., a patrol deputy working in the City of Fillmore located a two year-old child strapped in a stroller, a few feet into the road, in the 1100 block of Los Serenos Drive. Initially, the deputy saw a couple of adults nearby and suspected they were the child’s parents/guardians; however, after swerving to avoid hitting the stroller and parking his patrol unit, the deputy found out the child was abandoned. The child appeared to have been crying due to having mucus running down his nose and was only wearing a shirt and diaper.  The deputy also noted the temperature, which was between 85 and 90 degrees. One of the adults told the deputy he saw two females arguing and leaving in separate directions, leaving the child in the stroller.  Neither of them returned for the child.  As the adult was about to call for police assistance, the patrol deputy arrived.  It was estimated the child was alone for approximately five to ten minutes.
Unable to locate any responsible person(s) for the child, the deputy had the child transported to the Fillmore Police Station and contacted the county’s Children’s Protective Services (CPS).  A social worker responded to the station to assist. Several deputies assisted with the investigation and, with the assistance of local residents, the child’s mother, Marisela Aguilar, 29, and aunt, Elida Aguilar, 31, both of Fillmore, were located.  They were questioned about the incident. After the investigation was complete, both Marisela and Elida were arrested for child endangerment.  Marisela also had outstanding warrants.  CPS was able to place the child with a responsible family relative. The case was submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration.  The District Attorney’s Office elected to file one count each of felony child endangerment against Marisela and Elida.



Marisela Aguilar




Elida Aguilar


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