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Possible Scams

A message from Detective Chip Cadman:

Information through the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Rural Crimes Unit, at the Cattlemen’s meeting in Santa Barbara County, one of the members brought up a telephone call that he had been receiving from out of the state requesting land use reports. On Thursday, March 10, 2016, the member reported he had received a telephone call from 307-432-5631.  A man named “Frank”, who is associated with this telephone number, stated he is with the USDA out of Wyoming.  When asked what kind of information he wanted to obtain, Frank said the USDA was requested through the State of California to obtain crop reports.  This way the USDA would have information on what kind of crop was being grown, where, and the estimated yield.  This information would be used to help sell / export crops to other countries in order to help the economy. When asked which California agency requested this information, Frank said the FSA – Farmers Services Agriculture (appears to be a fraudulent agency). Frank said they have sent numerous items in a crème colored envelope requesting this information and did not know why it was not received.   Frank said he would need a person’s ID number, address, and telephone number to find out where they lived, crops, and other information. After googling the number, it is associated with numerous scams.  Additional law enforcement sources have the number registered to a “Qwest Corporation”, which is a telemarketing company, and seems to be all over the states.  There are numerous complaints, and they are NOT BBB accredited. If you receive any such telephone calls, I would recommend telling them you believe the call is a scam and has been reported to the local Sheriff’s Department.  Do not provide your personal information to an unknown source over the telephone.

Agricultural Crimes Detective Chip Cadman:  E-mail:,  Office: 805-384-4726, Work Cell: 805-797-6424, Sheriff’s Office Dispatch 805-654-9511.

Be alert and stay safe!


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