“Treasury Scam” Resurfacing in Ventura County


On Friday, February 26, 2016 at 2:23 p.m. The Sun received a call from 1-562-667-2505 purportedly from a” U.S. Treasury” agent. On calling the number back a male voice with a 75 Kilo Asian accent advised the caller that he was owing the Treasury over 7000 dollars from the 2010 tax return. The agent had a correct name associated with the residence. When he was asked if he was from the IRS he vehemently maintained that he was not from the IRS but from the U.S. Treasury Department. He wanted to know if the person had the money to correct the error because there was on file a warrant for arrest for “Tax Evasion” with agents standing near the location ready to raid the residence. He was asked how to correct the situation he kept repeating the same dire events to befall the caller if no correction was made and to do the correction it was needed to talk to a ”Supervisor”. After multiple demands to talk to a “Supervisor” and interrupted dire repeats, he finally made the connection. The voice sounded from further away but still had the heavy accent. The “Supervisor”, supposedly “Andrew Pierson”, from U.S. Treasury started to repeat all the dire warnings if this situation was not fixed. He stated that a “criminal background check” was made on the caller and things looked bad with all those agents standing by if the situation was not fixed. He was asked multiple times as to how to fix the problem but just repeating all the warnings. When he would not answer as to how to fix the problem the caller stated that he will contact the IRS directly and all of a sudden the phone line went dead. The paper received a call early this year on the same subject from a female caller from a different phone number with the same results and the same type of accent. I was trying to have them pick up the money in person. This was the furthest we got with these people that try to extort money, mostly from elderly people, and wants you to pay by buying cards and emptying the money from the card before you can say Hello. If you happen to get a call from these jerks, tell them you are dealing with the IRS directly and do not give them money in any way. No need to call the IRS. They know how get a hold of you if they want you and it will not be by phone. The 805 area code must be hot for scams.

The staff of The Sun

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