Drug and Weapons Arrests


On Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 8:57 a.m., Ventura Police Patrol officers conducted a probation search at a room at Motel 6, 3075 Johnson Drive.  The occupants initially denied the officers entry to the room, however the officers were able to gain entry and contacted the two occupants.  During the search of the room and the two occupants; Jose Machado, 44, and Sean Quolas, 39,  the officers found a loaded handgun hidden inside the room and additional ammunition for the gun was found in Quolas’ possession.  A large quantity of methamphetamine, along with evidence of drug sales, was also found inside of the room.  At the conclusion of the investigation, Machado was arrested for possession for sales of methamphetamine, and Quolas was arrested for being a prohibited person in possession of both a firearm and ammunition.  Both suspects were booked into Ventura County Jail.

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