Farm Watch: Attempt to Steal a Tractor


A message from Detective Chip Cadman:

Farm Watch readers, early morning on Friday, March 18, 2016, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a vehicle burglary (enclosed tractor cab) in the area of Las Posas Road near Highway 1, unincorporated area of Camarillo.  As deputies responded to the scene, an employee of the farm heard the sound of an additional tractor being started.  When the employee went to investigate the sound, he discovered a Roy Milton, 42, had “hotwired” a second tractor and attempted to drive away from the scene on the stolen tractor.
Deputies arrived and were able to detain and later arrest Milton for burglary of a vehicle [459 California Penal Code], vandalism [594(a)(b)(1) California Penal Code] and unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle [10851(a) California Vehicle Code], all Felony charges.
Due to the prompt response from the employee calling the Sheriff’s Office; Deputies Cadman, Adrianzen and Awedisean were able to quickly respond to the scene and arrest Milton, preventing further property damage and theft of the tractor.
Several farms / ranches throughout the State of California have experienced recent heavy equipment theft.  Please take additional steps to protect your property and report suspicious activity to Sheriff’s Dispatch.  Look at the below posted photograph of the suspect and see if you recognize him.  If seen on or around your property contact Sheriff’s Dispatch immediately and report a suspicious person near or on you property.



Roy Milton

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