Martin Hernandez Opens His Campaign Headquarters for Third District Supervisor


Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 9 a.m., Rally to follow at 10 a.m., with precinct walk.
925 E. Main Street, Suite B1, Santa Paula, CA.
Guest Speakers include community leaders:

• Rosalie Carbajal

• Jose Rodriquez

Martin Hernandez, son of a migrant farm worker, was born in Port Hueneme and raised in Ventura County. His father worked in fields of Ventura County his entire life. Hernandez is a Veteran and served in the United States Air Force. Currently, he serves as Chief of Staff to Third District Supervisor, Kathy Long. Hernandez joined the Supervisor’s office in 2001 and has been Chief of Staff since 2010. He has dedicated his career to Public Service and has built long-term trusting alliances both, within County Government and in the field with Community, Government, Union and Business leaders throughout the district. He is committed to making sure the people of Ventura County have a voice. Martin is currently the Mayor of Santa Paula, where he was elected with an overwhelming vote in 2012.



Martin Hernandez

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