Farm Watch: Burglary Alert


A message from Detective Chip Cadman:

Farm Watch readers, early morning on Sunday (March 27th), Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a burglary in the 2500 block of Hueneme Road, unincorporated area of Camarillo.  As deputies arrived to the scene, they discovered (S) David Randal Garcia (51 years) inside a farm office building.  Garcia had used a rock to break a window to the office building, gaining entry.  Once inside the building, Garcia began going through cabinets and drawers looking for items to steal.
Deputies detained Garcia and later arrested him for burglary [459 California Penal Code], a Felony charge.  Due to the prompt response from Deputies, Garcia was prevented from further damaging or stealing property.  There was no vehicle associated with Garcia.
Several farms / ranches throughout the State of California have experienced a rise in these types of crimes.  Please take additional steps to find solutions to fix or put into place security measures to protect your property.  If you witness suspicious activities immediately report them to Sheriff’s Dispatch.  Look at the below posted photograph of the suspect and see if you recognize him.  If seen on or around your property contact Sheriff’s Dispatch immediately and report a suspicious person near or on you property.



David Garcia

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