Hoodsport Avenue Fire


Bakersfield, CA – Just before noon on Monday, March 28, 2016, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a residential structure fire in the 8700 block of Hoodsport Ave. Four juveniles were able to safely evacuate the home prior to the arrival of fire crews. The first arriving crew encountered a room and contents fire contained to a single bedroom. The fire was quickly extinguished and monitored for extension. The damage was isolated to the bedroom, causing an estimated $10,000 loss. The fire was caused by the six year old boy that was playing with a lighter and caught a mattress on fire. The juvenile will be required to attend the Juvenile Fire Setter Program with a parent.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A 16 year old female was alerted by a working smoke alarm. She quickly helped get her two brothers, 9 and 6, and sister, 11, out of the home and then dialed 9-1-1.
“Close the Door” - Fortunately, in the process of evacuating, the door to the bedroom was shut, isolating the fire spread and damage to the single bedroom. A fire needs three things to burn: heat, fuel and oxygen. By shutting the door and limiting the airflow to the room, the fire was contained until fire crews arrived to extinguish the fire.






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