Annual Community Awards


On Friday, March 25, 2016 the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce held their Annual Community Awards and Installation Dinner at The Veterans’ Memorial Building on Second Street in Fillmore.
The evening started with social hour at 5:30 p.m. and followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m. catered by El Pescador Restaurant and desserts supplied by La Michoacana. The awards and installation of the Board Members began shortly after 7:15 p.m. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Bill Herrera as in prior years. All the dignitaries and Representatives attending were recognized at the start of the ceremony. The Chamber Board was called to the stage and was sworn in by 3rd District Supervisor Kathy Long and was given plaques by Long. Jose Lomelia received a special recognition for accomplishments of the AYSO Teams.

Explorer of The Year was presented to Nick Bartels by Deputy Leo Vasquez.

Officer of the Year was presented to Deputy Andrew Littlefield by Sgt. Aguilar.

Firefighter of the Year was presented to Jason Arroyo by Assistant Chief Bill Herrera.

Student of the Year was presented to Misael Ponce by Dr. Ito, the FHS Principal.

Teacher of the Year was Maggie Lofton of Piru School but was accepted by Dr. Adrian Palazuelos, Superintendent, on her behalf as she could not attend.

School Administrator of the Year was Mary Williams was presented by Dr. Palazuelos.

School District Classified Employee of the Year was Barbara Lemons, who could not attend due to prior commitment and the award was accepted on her behalf by Dr. Ito.

Citizen of the Year was captured by Deputy Leo Vasquez and was presented to him by Miss Larin of the Explorer Post.

Lifetime Achievement Citizen Award was given to Ernie Villegas and presented by his two sons.

Youth Sports Group of the Year was given to AYSO and was accepted by one member of the board with the whole board standing on the stage.

Non-Profit Organization of the Year was Boy Scout Troop #406 and was received by Scout Master Chandler in the scouts presence on the stage.

New Outstanding Business of the Year was Fro-Yo Yogurt & Treats presented by MC Bill Herrera.

Business of the Year went to Bank of the Sierra again presented by MC Herrera with some of the employees looking on.

Lifetimes Achievement Business Award was captured by Fillmore Rentals and again preseted by Bill Herrera.

Outstanding Community Service of the Year was given to the late Fire Chief Rigo Landeros which was accepted by his wife with the members of fire department standing behind on the stage honoring the late chief. A special plaque was presented by Martin Hernandez, adjutant to Kathy Long and candidate for the 3rd District Supervisor seat after Kathy Long retires.

Each of the recipients received framed proclamations or resolutions from the attending dignitaries and the representatives.

Supervisor Kathy Long was given a bouquet of flowers by Board Member Ari Larson as a Thank You for her continued championing of the area during her tenure as Supervisor.

The event closed with picture taking and conversation among the attendees.



Picture depicts part of the attending crowd during the dinner.




The Chamber Board is being sworn in by Supervisor Kathy Long.





Deputy Leo Vasquez introduced Bill Bartels and told the crowd that the award was given for the outstanding job Bartels is doing both in the post and in the city.




Sgt. Aguilar introduced Deputy Andrew Littlefield as the outsanding deputy at the Fillmore Station by his peers. His varied experience, conduct in the field and involvement in the community along with his many awards was a natural choice for his nomination as Officer of the Year.





Assistant Fire Chief Bill Herrera next talked about Jason Arroyo and the accomplishments he attained since joining the fire department and his dedication to his job and to the people of Fillmore, being picked by the fireman as tha Firefighter of the Year and becoming a Paramedic to better serve the department.






Dr.Tom Ito, FHS Principal talked about Misael Poce’s accomplishments during the year beside, his 4.1 GPA, his membership in the track team and his departure to UCSB next year.





Mary Williams was presented by Dr. Palazuelos and was called an outstanding individual and employee, that keeps up to date on procedures and is a real asset to the school system.






Citizen of the Year Leo Vazquez, a long time deputy and resident of Fillmore was introduced by Miss Larin of Explorer Post 2958. He is responsible for several clubs being established at the high school and guiding the members of the post. He keeps the school system and the town as safe as possible at the same time being the nicest deputy you ever want to meet.




Ernie Villegas who got the Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced by his sons. He has served Fillmore on the council and representative for the area and talked on the special connection that people have in town.




The board of AYSO accepted the youth sport group award for the year.






Scout Master Chandler accepted the award for non-profit of the year for the scouts and on behalf of Marie Wren, her husband and all that came before to make Troop 406 a sucess during all the years






Fro-Yo Yogurt and Treats received the New Outstanding Business of the Year award.





Bank of the Sierra’s award for being Business of the Year was accepted by several employees standing on the stage.





Fillmore Rental garnered the Lifetime Achievement Business award and was accepted by the Le Bards. They and the rental yard has given to the city and the fire department assitance many times and have been always there when it was needed.





Bill Herrera dressed in his fire department uniform invited Laura Landeros, the wife of the late Rigo Landeros to the stage for the Outstanding Community Service of the Year award. All the firefighters attending ligned up behind her on the stage during the whole ceremony. Herrera told the audience about how much Rigo was liked and how dedicated he was to the job of Fire Chief and how deeply he will be missed. All the reps and dignitaries gave Mrs. Landeros plaques and resolutions in memory of Rigo.




Ari Larson of the board also presented soon to retire Supervisor Kathy Long as a Thank You for her dedicated service to the Fillmore area during the many years of her office.







At the closing of the ceremonies all the award recipients paused for a group picture.



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