Increase in Stolen Vehicles


In the spirit of informing, educating and empowering our community, the Oxnard Police Department, would like to advise the residents of Oxnard of a potential crime trend citywide.  The Oxnard Police Department offers this reminder to take the necessary precautions to avoid being the victim of a vehicle theft.
Since April 1st, there have been over thirty (30) vehicles reported stolen citywide. The vehicles being targeted are primarily 90’s Hondas, Civics or Accords.  There are no similarities in the methods used to take the vehicles.  Below are some tips to assist with preventing vehicle thefts:

- Immediately report any suspicious activity!  The police department encourages anyone with information about any criminal incident to call 911 or (805) 385-7740 from any phone.
- DO make sure you do not leave your keys in your car, on or off.  If your car is left on to warm up:  stay with your car.  Your car can easily be taken if you are not there to watch it;
- DO make sure not to leave any valuable items in your car.  These items are a temptation for someone to break your window and steal your things.
- DO NOT enter if you find your vehicle broken into.  Call 911 and wait elsewhere for police arrival.  Try not to touch anything as officers can possibly obtain fingerprints or other evidence.
- Make note of suspicious persons and vehicles (including license plates).

The Oxnard Police Department has been focused on extensive public engagement and community outreach, encouraging residents to be partners in public safety with our *Oxnard Neighbors United Project* (ON UP) *Initiative.
*Residents are reminded and encouraged to report any and all suspicious activity to police, and can do so anonymously, with translators available 24 hours a day.
In addition, the Oxnard Police Department has a limited number of steering wheel locks available, free of charge, to owners of the above mentioned vehicles.
To obtain a steer wheel lock, contact Detective Crystal Walker at (805)385-7668 or

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