National Public Safety Telecommunications Appreciation


Starting Sunday, April 10 and continuing through April 17, 2016 as part of National Public Safety Telecommunications Appreciation week, we would like to recognize all of our Public Safety Dispatchers at the Ventura Police Department.
The Ventura Police Department’s Command Center operates 24/7, and is staffed by a group of dedicated Public Safety Dispatchers who over the last several years have seen their workload drastically increase. During 2015, the total volume of phone calls into the Command Center was 213,005.  More impressively, of the 56,869 emergency (911) phone calls received during that same time period, 98.18% of those were answered within 10 seconds and 99.52% answered within 15 seconds.  According to the state’s Cal OES office these times are the some of the highest recorded times among PSAP’s (Public Safety Answering Points) in the state.
In addition to being the first point of contact for the public, and providing them the services they need, our Public Safety Dispatchers are the life line for the officers working in the field.
The Ventura Police Department’s Public Safety Dispatchers may work behind the scene, but much of the Department’s success in protecting and serving the public, can be attributed to the vital role of our dispatchers.  Their work is invaluable, and it can be said that “Crime Fighting” begins in the Command Center.

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