Supervisor Kathy Long Endorses Martin Hernandez for Supervisor Third District


Ventura, CA – Retiring Supervisor Kathy Long announces today her endorsement for Martin Hernandez, her current Chief of Staff and longtime advocate for Ventura County Supervisor Third District.   Martin Hernandez has been working on behalf of the constituents of the Third District since joining Supervisor Kathy Long’s office in 2001.
“Martin Hernandez has worked for me for the past 15 years, and has been an effective representative for the constituents of the Santa Clara Valley,” Said Kathy Long.
Martin Hernandez currently represents the supervisor and constituents by sitting on over 15 policy making committees that address important issues like water, affordable housing, public safety, job growth and creation, and youth and youth prevention programs.  He is also the current Mayor for the City of Santa Paula, where he has been serving the community on the City Council for the past three years, helping to ensure the City has not only a balanced budget, but strong reserve.
“He understands the issues that are unique to the valley, and is experienced in understanding the services and functions of county government“ said Long.  “Additionally, Martin has a strong record of public service, civic engagement, and has clearly demonstrated a commitment to the residents of Santa Paula,” Long added.
I am honored to have the endorsement of Third District Supervisor, Kathy Long.  The knowledge I have gained while working in her office has been invaluable and an experience of a lifetime.  Serving the residents of the Third District is not a responsibility that I take lightly.  I look forward to continuing to serve this District with your support.

Martin Hernandez

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