Vehicle Into a Structure


On Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 12:54 a.m., Ventura City Fire personnel and apparatus responded to a reported vehicle into a residence, 3000 block of Porter Lane, with an active natural gas leak. The first arriving crews found a mid-sized sedan crashed through the exterior wall of a residential single-story home, natural gas actively escaping from a sheared gas meter located underneath the vehicle. The occupants of the involved residence were home at the time of the impact and self-evacuated prior to the arrival of emergency personnel. Fire protection hose lines were deployed, potential ignition sources were minimized, and residents were evacuated 100 feet in all directions and 200 feet downwind from the gas leak while awaiting arrival of the Gas Company. 3 injured victims from the involved vehicle were eventually located, and were treated then transported from the scene via ambulance to local hospitals. An exclusion zone consisting of a 100 foot perimeter was maintained, and fire protection provided, while the vehicle was winched away from the residence and Gas Company personnel repaired the broken gas line. All affected nearby residents were allowed to repopulate once the release was mitigated. No other injuries were reported at the time of this release.



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