“IRS” Phone Scam Warning


The Camarillo Police Department is warning Ventura County residents of a telephone scam that is targeting senior citizens.  The Camarillo Police Department has been advised by several elderly residents, who have received phone calls and/or messages that state the IRS has filed a lawsuit against the victim.  The victim is directed to call 347-980-7680 or 469-900-6591, which is answered by a young female with an accent.  The female proceeds to inform the phone call recipients that they owe back income taxes. Victims are then told the money must be paid promptly to the person who answered or through a money transfer service.
These calls are fraudulent and have no connection to the IRS. Anyone who receives a phone call from someone demanding payment should report the situation immediately to local law enforcement.
Ventura County residents can protect themselves from telephone scams by confirming the questionable phone calls through the proper agencies or law enforcement. Do not proceed with transactions until confirmation has been made.
The Camarillo Police Department is reminding residents to never provide personal information or conduct financial transactions over the phone with unknown parties. It is uncommon for legitimate businesses to call and ask for money or personal information. If you suspect a phone call to be a scam, do not hesitate to ask questions and contact local authorities.

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