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Dear Editor,

Enclosed you will find an FPPC Complaint that was filed today against Carla Castilla, Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor – Third District.   As a former council member, I understand first hand the importance of raising money for a campaign.  Early on in the campaign cycle it had been suggested by members of Ms. Castilla’s campaign and the Democratic Party that Carla should be the only endorse candidate because she was the only one managing her finances.   As a public servant and an old hand at politics I decided to review Ms. Castilla’s fillings when they were posted in February and monitored them since.  What I discovered are the discrepancies listed in this complaint.   I am sharing this with you the media because I feel the public needs to be aware of the manner in which Ms. Castilla and others have been misleading members of our community in making them believe Carla was being a good custodian of her campaign finances, therefore a “chosen” candidate.
As a political leader and elected official, we have a responsibility to our constituents, to manage their money with their best and highest interest in the forefront.  We must be transparent and honest with the public.  They need to know that they can count on their elected officials, that they have integrity and respect the public and their interests.  Carla’s decision to handle her expenses in this manner suggests that she will go to great lengths to get elected including deceive the public.  It is in the public interests to learn this truth.

Laurie Zuniga, Former Councilmember City of Fillmore.

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