Body-Worn Camera Deployment


Today, June 3, 2016, the Oxnard Police Department completed phase one of their efforts to equip officers with body-worn cameras. The Department has purchased and assigned 50 camera systems from Taser International, Inc. to officers who normally work uniformed patrol. The officers who will be wearing the cameras completed their training this week and began working the streets with this new equipment. Each camera has the ability to capture high definition video and audio of the various events they encounter.
Body-worn cameras have been shown to enhance the effectiveness of Law Enforcement while promoting professional accountability and aiding in event documentation. A goal of our program is to increase transparency, officer accountability, and enhance the public’s trust and confidence in the Oxnard Police Department. These systems have also been proven to deter violence or other negative behavior by individuals who may otherwise choose to assault a victim or an officer.
Each of the videos captured throughout the officers’ day will be stored in a cloud based storage solution called The system has the capability to store digital evidence such as videos, photos, and audio files. All of our body-worn camera video files will be stored for a minimum of 3 years and comply with the rules of evidence set by law.
The Department’s body-worn cameras are supported through grant funding and asset forfeiture proceeds. We hope to expand the system in the near future so that all of our patrol officers are outfitted with camera systems.


Oxnard Body Camera

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