Pumping Plant Response


Lebec, CA – Just after 9:30 a.m. on Friday, June 10, 2016, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for an explosion on the 4th floor in the generator area at the Edmonston Pumping plant at the 3900 block of Edmonston Pumping Plant Road near Lebec.  A structure response was started. Employees evacuated prior to the arrival of fire crews. The first arriving crew encountered alarms sounding in the facility and the possibility of smoke and carbon monoxide. USAR 52 and USAR 61 were started as RIC teams and to assist in the search. Fire crews initiated a search of the facility. It was determined that all employees were evacuated and there was no active fire. Firefighters remained on scene using four gas detectors for approximately 2 hours to make sure the building was clear of carbon monoxide. The plant was turned back over to the manager after the facility was cleared. There were no injuries reported. Value of property saved is estimated at 1 billion dollars.

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