Warrant and Battery on a Peace Officer Arrest


On Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 7:17 a.m., officers were dispatched to check the wellbeing of a nude male that was seen near the Boys and Girls Club in the 1900 block of West Fifth Street.  When officers arrived on scene the suspect, later identified as Jose Luis Garcia, 30, began threatening officers.  Garcia threw rocks at officers and then climbed a tree in the park. While Garcia was in the tree, officers were able to identify tattoos on Garcia’s body which aided in his identification.  After officers identified Garcia a records check revealed that he had 2 misdemeanor warrants and was on probation for driving under the influence of drugs, battery against a peace officer, and resisting a peace officer with threats or violence.  Officers spent several minutes attempting to negotiate with Garcia so that they could safely take him into custody.  Garcia was behaving erratically and admitted to using cocaine and meth prior to being contacted by the police.  After several minutes of negotiating, Garcia fell off the tree and was taken into custody by the officers.  As Garcia was being taken into custody, he spat blood on the face of one of the officers. Garcia had been chewing on what appeared to be a Sweetgum Tree seed pod and had cut the inside of his mouth.  Garcia was medically cleared and transported to the Ventura County Jail.  Garcia was booked for his warrants, battery on a peace officer (spitting blood on the officer’s face), and for being under the influence of drugs. Incidents like this have become an increasing trend with the prevalence of dangerous drugs.  When officers are dealing with suspects that are under the influence, officers often have to make split second decisions regarding uses of force as suspects that are under the influence often resist arrest and do not follow instructions.

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