“Baggy Eyes Bandit”


The FBI and multiple law enforcement agencies in southern California are investigating a series of bank robberies believed to have been committed by a suspect who has been nicknamed the “Baggy Eyes Bandit.”  The suspect known as the Baggy Eyes Bandit enters the bank branch and passes a note to the victim tellers demanding cash while threatening a weapon.  No weapon has been seen by witnesses, however, the suspect should be considered potentially armed and dangerous.  The suspect then leaves on foot.  No known vehicle has been associated with the Baggy Eyes Bandit at this time.   The suspect was nicknamed due to the fact that several witnesses described him as having “baggy eyes.”
The suspect is further described as: a while male in his mid 20s, height of approximately 5’7″, with a slight build.  The suspect wears a dark baseball hat during the robberies.  Some victims have advised investigators that the man may have a Middle Eastern accent.
The Baggy Eyes Bandit has been linked to the following bank robberies and one attempted bank robbery over the past several months:
*         2/29/2016 – Citibank Glendora
*         3/4/2016 – Citibank Placentia
*         3/4/2016 – Citibank Arcadia-Downtown (Attempted robbery)
*         7/14/2016 – Citibank Rancho Cucamonga
*         8/4/2016 – Citibank Chino Hills
*         8/16/2016 – Citibank Norco
Anyone with information as to the identity or whereabouts of the suspect known as the Baggy Eyes Bandit is urged to contact the FBI or to dial 911.  In Los Angeles, the FBI may be reached 24 hours a day at 310 477-6565.  Additional information about bank robbers wanted in southern California can be found at www.labankrobbers.org<http://www.labankrobbers.org>































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