FARM WATCH: The “Nextdoor App”


A message from Detective Chip Cadman:

Farm Watch readers, The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Farm Watch has partnered with a private online network called Nextdoor ( Nextdoor is a free private social networking website for your neighborhood (Rural Community within Ventura County). Nextdoor makes it easy to connect with your neighbors and build stronger, safer places to work and call home, right from your cell phone, tablet or office computer.
Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It’s the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and make all of our lives better in the real world, and it’s free.  This App can help stream information to each other as it happens.  It’s my understanding several people within the Agricultural Community have not been reporting small thefts.  This network can help spread real time information about those thefts and other crimes to your neighbors who need be on the look out and take steps to safeguard their properties as well.
Thousands of neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor to build safer places to work and call home.

People are using Nextdoor to:
Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
Quickly get the word out about crime in the area
Quickly get the word out about suspicious persons and vehicles
Post pictures of suspicious person(s), vehicle(s), vandalism, stolen property, etc.

As your Agricultural Crime Detective, I want to use the power of technology to build a stronger and safer rural community with the partnership of “Nextdoor.”  Please take the time to look at the Nextdoor App and consider partnering with the Sheriff’s Office in using this program.  A collaborative effort will help us prevail over crime.
Below is a link inviting you into the Sheriff’s Office, Major Crimes Bureau, Agricultural Crime network;

The following advice is always wise if you suspect illegal activity on your property:
Call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 911.
Be a good witness, note suspect descriptions such as age, height, weight, facial hair, clothing, and shoe type.
If a vehicle is involved, obtain a license plate number and note vehicle color, body damage, bumper stickers, camper shell, after market tires and wheels, etc.
Provide the dispatcher with information about the time and last known direction of travel.

Agricultural Crimes Detective Chip Cadman    E-mail:  Office: 805-384-4726  Work Cell: 805-797-6424  Sheriff’s Office Dispatch 805-654-9511

Please partner with me and your neighbors,


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