Multi Felony Pursuit Arrest


On Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 9 a.m., officers were dispatched to a residence in the 2000 block of Carnegie Court for a suspicious subject attempting to enter a homeowner’s residence.  Officers arrived on scene and located the suspect, later identified as Enrique Guzman Magallon, 36.  Magallon fled from officers and attempted to enter another residence in the 2100 block of San Mateo.  Once Magallon realized he couldn’t enter the residence, he armed himself with a flag pole and began swinging it at one of the pursuing officers.  The officer deployed his taser but it had no effect on Magallon. Magallon continued to flee and fled through several backyards in the areas of El Dorado Avenue, Tulare and Trinity Place.  Magallon fled to the 2000 block of O’neill were he confronted a resident that was standing next to a parked vehicle that had the engine running.  Magallon produced a bladed tool and struck the resident with it before attempting to drive away in the resident’s vehicle.  The victim received a minor laceration and refused medical treatment.  Magallon attempted to drive away in the victim’s vehicle and collided with another parked vehicle before fleeing again on foot.  Officers located Magallon in the 2700 block of Stowe Drive and again gave him commands to surrender.  Magallon assaulted the officers with large landscaping rocks that were taken from a nearby yard.  An officer deployed his taser and it was ineffective.  Magallon continued to flee and was located in the 2700 block of Upton Sinclair.  Magallon again refused orders to stop and charged at an officer while holding a large pipe.  The officer deployed his taser and Magallon was taken into custody.  Magallon was ultimately charged with four counts of felony assault on a peace officer, assault with a deadly weapon, and carjacking for the incident that took place on O’neill Place.


Enrique Guzman Magallon

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